Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LISTEN: "The Voice" Mourad Bouriki--Ya Sayidaty -{Classy }- مراد بوريقى - يا سيدتى

There are few Arab male singers who are good at serenading a woman and making her feel a like a million dollar by making other women feel jealous as we celebrate that given women. The Iraqi singer Kathem has done well in this style and so has his country man Majid Al Mohandis. There are other names who are lesser known but they do well in serenading a women they love.

Now, there's a new kid on the block who can make a women feel like a princess with a place he made out of his heart. I am speaking of the Moroccan winner of the the Voice--first season. Mourad Bouriki who is starting his career just this year. The guy has a classy voice like the ones they are good at in Damascus. He is the very old school, the real Arabic music prior to the invention of those modem music instruments and technologies. The song reads like a love poem from a very ancient (yet lovely) time. 

A great choice for this skillful artist who has the friendship and talent of a half a dozen artists combined in one. He shows a great deal of class and grace as he lets the song and its lyrics lead him--he does not get in the way.  By the way Morocco also one the X Factor with their unique talent Mohamed Al Rifiy. 

Mourad Bouriki--Ya Sayidaty --- مراد بوريقى - يا سيدتى Shiwaw

مراد بوريقي يغني يا سيدتي


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