Saturday, May 4, 2013

Download: DJ Black Shadow Remix Volume 1 Album

DJs are a dime a dozen, good ones are really hard to find....every DJ thinks heis great at what they do, but only one guy stands out among them all, I have come to know him DJ Black Shadow, he makes mixes of songs that you wouldn't come togehter. He has his way of blending English and Arabic songs in such a fun way.

I appreciate his talent and his touches to songs that may be overlooked had he not used the remixing skills to bring out attention to them.

I do not listen to Western songs often--the ones I mange to escape anyway, but here is a sampling of Arabic and English pop songs from Akon, Niki Minaj and Pitbull. The surprise is his work on Nawal's song. She is a big talent but her songs lack the cool factor this way they are such.

01 - Hamada Helal - Shouf Mn Emta - Ft Niki Minaj - House Style
02 - Elissa - As3ad Wa7da - House Style
03 - Rihanna - Diamonds - Reggetone Style
04 - Nawal al Kuwaitiya - Qissat 7bi - Gulf Style
05 - Pitbull Ft Akon & David Rush - Everybody Fucks - Club Style
06 - Marwa Nasr - Beet Wa7ed - Slow Jam Vs Snap Style
07 - Cheryl Cole Ft Will.I.Am - Lets Get Down - House Style
08 - Table No 21 - O Sajna - Bollywood Rnb Style
09 - Tyga - Bitch Betta Have My Money ft YG & Kurupt Ext Hiphop Style
10 - Esraa Al Aseel - Abu AlBanat - IRaqi Style
11 - Notch - Dale Pa Tra ( Back it Up ) - Reggetone Style
12 - Kat DeLuna ft Elephant Man - Whine Up - Re-Edit Club Style


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