Saturday, May 4, 2013

LISTEN: سمبل رامى صبرى - برتاح | Ramy Sabry - Bartah Simpl

The composer who has become a rockstar is coming back with a new album of seven tracks. Ramy Sabry was on my mind as the next Amr Diab...he was Mr. cool going on Mr. Emotions, his fifth album will release this summer--it has been delayed a number of times. But the teaser and samples are out.

Mazzika is pushing this album for good reasons, Ramy's albums are well made and well produced. They are never rushed and always bring me joy and high qaulity entertainment, real lyrcis rom the heart--nothing silly and upbeat fresh music that pleases the soul

1 - 2rabny Leek
2 - Ahla Men El2awel
3 - Barta7
4 - Bets2al 3liya
5 - Law Kan 3lik
6 - Wana M3ah
7 - Sadaa 3nek

جديد | رامي صبري - لو كان عليك 2013 | جامدة

سمبل رامى صبرى - برتاح | Ramy Sabry - Bartah Sample


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