Friday, May 24, 2013

Download: Omeima El Khalil "Zaman" Album 2013 زمن أميمة خليل

She is a gifted and versatile Lebanese diva with the warmth of the sung and the intelligence of a think tank. She is known for her music and her live performances that put listeners at ease while serving them doses of sophistication and class.

This time she is out with her fourth album, Zaman or time. She was well known for her work with Marcel Khalifé whom she met at a young age. She was one of his main vocalist and together they made great (and timeless) music. Now with the help of her four musician friends who helped her come out with the best music formula for this truly impressive album. This year, she would have been performing live for 27 years!

Oumeima’s first live performance, was at the age of 16 (1981) in 16 American States. One of the poshiest performances she was involved in was at “Places des Arts” in 1992. She sang in many countries such as: America and Canada (5 times); Europe (Twice); Australia (once); Africa (once); Moscow (once); Algeria; Tuisia; Morocco; Emirates; Libya; Bahrain; Oman; Kuwait; UAE; Egypt; Sudan. Oumeima had countless performances in Lebanon: Beit al Dine; Unesco Palace; Assembly Hall (AUB); Pierre Abou Khater Theatre USJ…

This time she is the sole act, wrapped in real live music. She is singing one text of the celebrated late Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish. The album has nine songs the lyrics and the music are the work of many seasoned Lebanese and Syrian composers and musicians. Beirut received her album with cheers and excitement  Watch her speak on camera about what she feels. Her album addresses the dreams, romance, frustration and chaos

Tabaa El Wosta (الطبقة الوسطى (04:05
Niyalak (نيالك (03:05
Rasayel (رسايل (04:11
Thilalouna (ظلالنا (03:42
Hatha (هذا (05:31
Fi Akher Al Ashyaa (في آخر الأشياء (04:49
Leh (Revisited) (ليه (03:51
Bint W Sabi (بنت وصبي (05:50
Arifou Biladan (أعرف بلاداً (04:41

To download the album Go Here

Oumeima El Khalil - TABAA EL WOSTA أميمة الخليل - الطبقة الوسطى

 أميمة الخليل تطلق ألبوم "زمن"


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