Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Her Name And Her Look Might Not Be, But She Is An Arab

There is a raising star in the skies of Lebanon's pop scene and she goes by the name Stephanie Fakih. You are allowed to wipe out that dumb look on your face as you try to figure out if her look is natural  She is. There's a saying where anyone who speaks Arabic is an Arab--even those with blues eyes. Fakih is a new pop personality and her young age--she is 21 shows a lot of promise and area for growth.

But this pop songstress is really one, she is Lebanese. Just look her her thick eyebrows, that's a giveaway for more Arab girls. Here's the kicker, she is the daughter of Lebanese expat who lived in Africa--where Stephanie was born. She just had a sold out concert in Morocco, filming a new music video in Tunisia, and has recorded a song for the King of Saudi Arabia. To top that she has already sang alongside the Lebanes super star Raghib Alama who seems to be a fan.

Stephanie Fakih - Ghayarli Omry / ستيفاني فقيه - غيرلي عمري


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