Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Listen: New Wael Jassar Ayam (Albi w Albak) | 2013 | جديد وائل جسار ايام

The underrated romance hit-maker Wael Jassar is the sort of entertainer who works in silence, records a solid album and gives it to the producing company to do the magic. He does not talk too much about his work, even through he could if he wanted to. Instead he allows us to first enjoy the music he made. And yes he makes heartwarming songs that come from the deep.

This is the first thought when I gave his new album teaser listen. The lead song that has been making the rounds is "ayyam" or days. Your hear and mine have become like mountains that are never meet to cross paths. This song touches your soul pats your heart gently as it lets reflects on those super sweet yet heartbreaking lyrics. Those loving lyrics are made to perfection with the convincing voice of the helpless romantic Wael Jassar has always been able to exhibit.

Wael Jassar - Albi w Albak 2013 / وائل جسار - قلبي والبك


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