Thursday, May 16, 2013

Malak El Nasser Gets Serious and Dramatic

How many Tattooed and bold young Jordanians songstresses do you know? Chances are not many, but Malak El Nasser is the only name that comes to mind. I have come to known her for her dance songs, she has at least four hits out there, cute dance songs really.

This time, she wants something different, dramatic songs with the blues and that's her new song for usher in 2013. Yalla Ya Habibi is a plea song, a cry for help asking the one who has been ignoring you to take your call. What a pity really!

Malak has ruffled some feathers with the censoring authority, but they might be too intimidate by her good looks and body type. I happen to really dig her style ever since she did that duet with Jad. That song was dope. The new music video is no different than the oen she made last year, in both she plays tourists walking around nice places. However  she is not singing for a man she loves, but for her own son who has been away from here

Malak El Nasser - Yalla Ya Habiby / ملك الناصر - يالا يا حبيبي


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