Thursday, May 9, 2013

Funny Tamer Hosny Music Video On Cellular Etiquette

The trouble with Arabs is that one they talk too much and two, they interfere in one another's business. They just do not leave people alone. But in West, they seldom have people to talk to--so they hire a counselor  a therapist to hear them out. I think the right formula is somewhere in the middle. Judgement free listening and compassion.

Now, you are ready to watch the music video with Tamer Hosny who is having a little issue with his lady, she wants to know what and where he is. He wants his space it seems. So, they go to visit with their friends' home and spill the beans about their romance and woes. Tamer Hosny does most of the talking here, and his lady does not get to talk.

The issue is the way they talk to one another--her mobile phone is busy, she sends a message call me. He ignores her message. This is the phone tag issue most people in today's world know much about it. She is a bnit jealous think he is with other women--when he is at home taking a nap. Too bad, neither Tamer Hosny nor his lady are in high school. Tamer bores people to death with this tale.  

I did enjoy the comic affects throughout the music video, this is a new technology and I find it works for this music video.

Akalemha - Tamer Hosny أكلمها - تامر حسنى


  1. He is a stupid singer with no brain cells. His song lyrics are stupid, and he has no respect from women. I can't stand that arrogant, wonna be!