Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cairokee Sold Pepsi, Switch To Coke Now

Money changes people, and no two other people disagree on that. I was surprised to see Pepsi Egypt bought the rights from one of the indie rock band Cairokee. They used this song to sell Pepsi  The song asks people to express themselves. I figured, there's no shame in making an extra dollar if you work hard and do not change your core.

But now in 2012, I am seeing the same band is doing a promo video for Coke through their Coke Studio. Not sure what that means. That will mean they no longer like Pepsi, and that the Coca Cola company has played the band.

Cairokee appeared in a video alongside the Barbadian songstress Shonetelle, they are performing a rendition of Knocking on Heaven's Door. As Cairokee moves slowly toward a fully commercialized band, I am feeling their songs are losing their soul. Instead of activist tone, they are about personal growth and intellect.

Maybe the band thought they will have a bigger audience and gain exposure in new lands--only to be disappointed by how little views the video below has on YouTube. I would love for the band to promote an Egyptian brand and products, not some non-Egyptian brand. No one would speak ill of them if they make a little money, but also help make Egypt a better place.

Shontelle & Cairokee, Knocking on heaven's door, Coke Studio بالعربي, S01E07

Pepsi Egypt new ad 2011: Express Yourself


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