Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen: Shamya 2013 Single اغنيه شاميه - بلاش كلام | جديد 2013

Not feeling this new breakout single by Egyptian new comer pop Shamya. I do not like people who sound to whiny. I do not enjoy people's loss and misery, she has a good voice, but this song does not help her show that.

I feel she sounds like Mona Abdel Ghany and Fayrouz Karaway. A grown up voices that sings about women stuff -not girls. Her song plays like one would look at the rare view mirror. We are all wiser once we have been screwed over by someone or by an event. Having said that, this is a warm voice with a chance to do something good. But it has become a lot harder now to get peoples attention.

اغنيه شاميه - بلاش كلام | جديد 2013


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