Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Download: Adel Mokhtar New Album البوم عادل المختار - الافندى

The Arabic word Mokhtar is means the chosen one, and Adel has that as his last name. When it comes to Iraqi pop he is OK, but when it comes to be part of the biggest Arabic music production companies he is the one. Rotana signed Adel and pushed him toward the Gulf market.

Iraqi pop has been making a big splash in the past five years--thanks to friendly audience and big music studios based in Dubai. So, they keep bring out their stars and the Khalij enjoys the similar yet exotic musical taste Iraqis have developed.

Iraqi blues is what I like, Iraqi dance songs is what most seem to appreciate. Adel Mokhtar is bringing it all together on his 9 tracks album whish has just been released.

01 - La Tr7am
02 - El Afandy
03 - Ya Raby Ya Satar
04 - Oreidh El Youm
05 - 3la Kefey
06 - Hamoud
07 - El Boneh
08 - Toley Ya Lelah
09 - El Moshkla

عادل المختار الافندي