Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ali El Haggar Remains Egypt' Most Real Singer

He may as well be the Morgan Freeman of Egyptian entertainment. His voice has been telling the Egyptian narrative for more than three decades. He breaths Egypt and has pretty much performed in every venue in that country. He has ruled the radio airwaves, the cassette market and then the movie soundtracks and dozens of highly rated TV dramas.

It seems Ali is ready for more music as he has been signed by Pyramedia to produce music for him. His son is also signed for the same label for a music project as well.I know this when it comes to a mannly voice with a strong vocal showing, Ali is the name to come up.

See his song below where he does a romantic song with an incredible warmth and an Egyptian beat. El Haggar may have never been a bankable name but he has two things most two stars dream of. He has the respect for the audience and the businesses. And he has the name recognition that crosses age groups and countries.

06 Ali el Haggar - Mn Gheer Matetklmy / على الحجار - من غير ماتتكلمي


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