Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listen: Amr Diab New Single اغنية عمرو دياب - تخيل " بالكوبلية الجديد " 2013

The dude is out with a party track from a live concert, he loves Egypt but only when Egypt is doing well. The moment Egypt was having a hard time he shipped out to Dubai and some say he spends a great time in London. "Imagine" is the title of the song, he has performed in one of his concert now it's now made available.

Keep on mind he was a friend of the Mubarak kids, no question he is a huge deal in Egypt. He is a wholesome entertainer and his live concerts are the closest thing to what they call concerts in the West. His new and improved single, it has one more line and it made people happy.

اغنية عمرو دياب - تخيل بالكوبلية الجديد


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