Friday, April 5, 2013

Listen: I love you - Sofia Marikh Brings Out The Soul

talented across the board is one of the words that describe this Moroccan pop diva whose Arabic, English and Frensh songs shake you to the core. Is it me of do Moroccan pop divas have to be a dozen times more talented that their peers in Lebanon and Egypt for us to talk about them?

Look, she writes her songs, she composes the music and she delivers one of those rare gems without effortlessly or making it look so. "I Love You" really made my heart glad. It is filled with innocence, hope, and good cheer. The song makes you hold on as you are about to give up, the sunrises again and we have a new day. No better reason to smile that finding a new virgin love.

To watch it is to experience steadily mounting delight, as you realize the songwriters have taken enormous risks, gotten away with them and made a movie that is completely original, and as familiar as an old shoe. I am the one who wants to scream hey Sofia, millions of your fans love you and  I am one of them.

I love you - Sofia Marikh


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