Thursday, April 11, 2013

Listen: "Open Letter", Jay-Z Wrote Cuba A Love Song

I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans. This communist talk is so confusing,” Jay-Z raps on the track, which is produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz and goes on to reference Bob Dylan’s song “Idiot Wind.” “[…] ‘Idiot Wind,’ the Bob Dylan of rap music. You’re an idiot, baby, you should’ve become a student. Oh, you gonna learn today.”

“I done turned Havana into Atlanta,” Jay-Z raps in “Open Letter,” which he released Thursday. “[…] Boy from the hood, I got White House clearance… Politicians never did s—- for me except lie to me, distort history… They wanna give me jail time and a fine. Fine, let me commit a real crime.”

“There seems to be some confusion regarding how Beyoncé and Jay-Z acquired visas to travel to Cuba. Just days ago, Jay Carney evaded questions on the celebrities’ trip,”

The U.S. Treasury Department that while it approved for the trip’s organizers to travel to Cuba as part of a cultural learning experience, they were unaware that the couple would be attending, as it is department policy not to require organizers’ to provide a list of travelers.

I am certain that conservatives will go to town on: “I got White House clearance.”


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