Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video: I Double Dare You To Find A Cuter Duet Than This One

they are a couple that has been matched by a number of random elements. He is a music composer with a dreamy voice. She is a young talent from Syria by the way of the United Arab Emirates. She just finished recording voice over songs for a popular TV drama about the life and death of Syrian icon Asmahan. Then she made this cute music video.

The sweet and super sensitive lyrics aside, the music video is just CUTE. While those two are not actors, they pulled the in love looks so convincingly. It's only natural for the music video to be uploaded by countless users. Waad released a good album where her vocal were put to a great use. Diaa keeps busy making melodies for the finest Arab pop stars.  This song was recorded in 2010, but got a wider release in 2011.

The director did a great job making this music video so cute, it makes you want to be part of the story as you watch ans see the games those in love must play. Filmed inside an upscale villa and you can feel the love from the eyes of those two. Furthermore, the saxophone player who worked on the song is worth his weight gold--thanks to Omran!

Youm We Etnin - Mohamed Diaa يوم واتنين - محمد ضياء ووعد


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