Friday, April 26, 2013

Listen: To Ameer Salah 2013 Single امير صلاح شو في ما في 2013

Most people who are young and living in Jordan will greet you with this phrase, "Shu Fi Ma Fi" it's a combination of what's up and what's happening. But for one young Jordanian singer trying to make it in the world of pop music, he took that phrase and turned into a song. a song that was written by Mohamed Bouchnaq.

The young voice is Ameer Salah, he recorded his song in a local studio and released for the public. Ameer has been doing local concerts in Amman with old covers, this is his debut song. It's a happy dance song that will fire up the crowd, a good career starter.

 امير صلاح شو في ما في 2013


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