Thursday, April 25, 2013

Listen: مكس تيب - أسلوب مقدسي | Osloob Maqdsi - Mixtape

Palestine won't be liberated because you made a rap song for it, but the rap song will liberate you. Free people can bring about change. This is why I try to promore good rappers, not the attitude and the swag, but the art itself helps some people tell their stories.

The group is called Osloob Maqdsi or Jerusalem Style. A rapper tells his story of growing up in the city of Jerusalem. It's very telling the rapper is for resistance and he speaks volumes about both the Israeli and the Palestinian politicians.

I really learned new stuff about Jerusalem--like young Palestinian growing up listening to music in Hebrew. The song drums the beat of Arab nationalism and unity. Listen to their mixtape below and tell me you are not moved.

 مكس تيب - أسلوب مقدسي | Osloob Maqdsi - Mixtape


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