Saturday, April 6, 2013

WATCH: Egypt Operetta With Wael, Amal, Hakim, Hany, Latifah Fouad, And Mehat أوبريت مصراوي حبيبي يا وطن 2013

This is the kind of song where you have good intentions but the organizing makes the artists feel weird about this song, but they press on anyway because there is too much at stake and they cannot pull out. The song or operetta is for Egypt and I love the title.

Amal Maher coming together with Hany Shaker and Mohammad Foaud is a huge deal for me. And Hakim has his fans out there, he will connect with them and bring them in. And there's Medhat Saleh with his octave voice and his heart beating Egyptian all the time. Those are all big ticket names who love the land and its people.

Hany Shaker comes back to singing again, and you know I am glad he is back. We miss his gentle soul and sweet emotions. He is the statesman of this song, the guy who the stars can rally around and look up to. The music has been composed by Waleed Saad and the storyteller is non other than Egyptian actor Ahmed Bidir.

Seven big names have come together for this song, and two of whom are not Egyptian but they are part of Egypt's music scene. Latifa of Tunis, and Wael Jassar of Lebanon. The song is recorded on a live stage with in studio audience. I do not get the dancers in the back, they need to be all over the place. Granted the official music video for this song is about to land any minute.

This clip is by the way of Hany Shaker official YouTube channel. This is a long song and cannot wait to see the properly edited and assembled song with a better sound quality.

أوبريت مصراوي 2013


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