Thursday, April 18, 2013

Video: Good Looking Make Romance Worthwhile

He is Ahmed Ezz, the most handsome and tallest Arab actor. She is Donya Samir Ghannem, she is an Egyptian beauty and fashionista. They made a move last year and it was supposed to be the ultimate love story where good looking people take a swing at love. And in those movies, the good looking ones seem to have a limitless supply of cash to afford them the upscale life.

To make the movie a better experience, the voice of Wael Jassar wrapped it the movie and its promotional song. Too bad the movie tanked so bad--it was not a bad movie it was just released when we were talking about the Arab Spring.

I love Wael and his style, he is an adult in the room when you need one. He sounds like he is giving you his heart on a platter each time he sings. He is a true believer and a dreamer who caters romance. At this point, I think Wael should abandon his warm style for a minute and do a fun song. He is great at what he does, but diversification is always a great this volatile world we live in 

Wael Jassar - Nekhaby Leih / وائل جسار - نخبي ليه


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