Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Despite Clashes, Cairo International Film Festival Presses On

Violence no violence, the celebrities of the world ain't going to stop a party even if Cairo is on fire. The organizers wanted to party so they argued if we do not hold the Cairo Film Festival this year, we risk the event being taken out of the international film festivals agenda. They had to cancel it last year due to the brewing political and social climate.

So the 35th film festival saw the light despite the many hiccups it had--like the minister of culture forgetting his speech and a number of clashes few blocks away. More than fifty films were screened, certainly half of them did not have audience.  Few international filmmakers were present and you will see some of them speaking to the camera. North African cinema was alive and well in the film festival.

Joe Bou Eid won the best director category about his movie filmed in Beirut about his parents love story. and A French film won the best film.

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