Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Odd Ball Track By Grandpa Crunk

I am confused by this track, I do not loath it, but since I am not too big on clubbing, I might be missing something. 'Grandpa Crunk' returns with an original banger with long-time emcee DJ Fulo. Fulo from Spanish speaking Panama delivers a chant style sing-songly delivery of the Arabic/English phrases he heard frequently as he lived and taught English and Spanish in Dubai.

Backed with production and direction from Grandpa Crunk, Fulo rides a solid mixture mish-mash-up of Jazz, Soca, Merengue, Bass Hip-Hop, Dub House, and Urban House with a splash of the Afro-Orient giving the track an interesting Eastern yet Western feel - re-creating Fulo's description of the music in Dubai clubs such as Copacabana, Boudoir, Zinc, Kasbar, Vu's Bar, African Star, Bollywood, and Garage Club. In doing so Grandpa Crunk created a flava' distinct enough for play from taste making Mad Decent "citizen of the world" DJs such as Uproot Andy, DJ Vamanos, and Chief Boima.

Alhamdulillah literally means 'Glory to God' and is used by Arabic speakers of all faiths. Fulo created the chant used in the song after the experience of hearing folks in Dubai state "Alhamdulillah" commonly as well as in religiously. The chant also incorporates other commonly used phrases heard in Dubai.

Alhamdulillah Dubai - Grandpa Crunk featuring DJ Fulo (radio rip)


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