Thursday, April 11, 2013

This April 26, One Iraqi Hit-Maker محمد السالم - قلب قلب In A Virginia Concert

He will be accompanied by the Iraqi pop band UTN1 (Unknown To No One) This is the one concert that will bring all the 50 shades of Iraqis and appreciators of the rich Iraqi music scene  living in the Mid-Atlantic region for a fun night of music that the autnicity of the land it draws its inspirations form. This is a popular hit song that took Iraqi by storm "Qalib Qalib" by the lovable Mohammad ElSalem who has toured the world with this song and other Iraqi songs.

He is a hot commodity and this time, the music will be upped as the Iraqi rock band will be to his side warming up the crowd and doing what the love doing best, live music that brings home to those who long for it. The band walks onstage and look like your there to play through your songs and to have a good time as well. They tend to do their rituals and let the audience let you know you're there.

The interesting thing about the band is that they play through each song until you know whats happening each second. They have mastered each song by playing them off by heart and concentrate on what everyone else is playing. Thus, the band members are a good live musician is one that can feel the pulse of the crowd and become fueled by their energy. It takes more than practice practice practice to be a good musician. Some things can't be taught. UTN1 Band-mates were born with the chops for those live gigs.

As for AlSalem, he is the kind of entertainer who talks to the crowd and allows them to be apart of the show. He knows how to just relax and have fun. He is not a a show-off, but he knows that he is the attraction and the audience appreciate that.

Tickets are here

محمد السالم - قلب قلب وين وين فيديو كليب الاصلي HD 2011

يا رايح وين مسافر - UTN1 حفلة (تراث جزاىري) ya rayeh


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