Friday, April 5, 2013

Please Help Make The Talented Omar Kamal A Mega Pop Star

His name is Omar Kamal and he is the song of the Suez City, not the hottest place for music, but he found his way to music when he studied in Cairo music institute. His first work came in 2007 with a single. Two years later Omar released his debut album with 11 tracks "Hasib Ya Qalby" translating to something like "My Heart Be Careful"

Then he went on to releases singles and through the FM Stars radio, his music reached larger audience. In 2011 after the revolution happened he released a song where he saluted the people of Suez who played a key part when the protest turned violent. The song was well received by his home city and was a radio hit. Which brings us to his follow album that you can see here, and is it Golden?

I love Omar Kamal, he is young but he is very talented. He sounds like his very own version of beloved Egyptian star Mohammed Foaud. Think of some of his new songs in those terms, the song is about a man and a woman who are in love, and who sacrifice love for a higher purpose. This is immensely appealing. 

Omar keep going, the more you know about how the album was made, the more you respect it. With little help Omar Kamal is breaking out on his own terms. He is in control  the way he manipulate his voice to fit the song's style and mood is not an everyday experiences. I have fallen in love with the duet with new comer Yasmeen Salah. 

The entire album is available here on Omar's account. Note how his song for Suez incorporates el simsymyah, a folkloric music instrument popular in that part of Egypt. He makes me want to go visit--I have passed by it at least four times, but never had a reason to stop by.

02-Sebna Ba3d

عمر كمال | أهل السويس | من ألبوم كلام ميهمنيش 2013

عمر كمال | تسوى أيه (دويتو) | من ألبوم كلام ميهمنيش

عمر كمال | مش أنتى اللى قولتيلى


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