Friday, April 5, 2013

Listen: The UAE Golden Boy New Single فايز السعيد - انت مين 2013

Fayez Al Said had two kind of songs, the one where he is cool and fun--we like. And the other one where he wants to be all serious, I have mixed feelings about it. What I do not have mixed feelings about is his true talent to make some of the finest and most original melodies.

He makes so many of them, and he does it so well. As a singer who just released an album few months ago, he has kept a busy schedule  he is also talking about a TV drama. But music from the Gulf does not tend to travel well, so we do not read many interviews with celebrities from there. Naturally, because they tend to be very private folk.

Fayez has a mega studio in Dubai where is has been turned into a cultural saloon. He has new single with a catchy title, "Who Might You Be?" He pleads with his loved one to let him in, because as clever as Fayz is, he cannot figure him love interest out. Not sure what the message here is, but I am certain the song will be airing in radios around Dubai and the Gulf for days to come.

فايز السعيد - انت مين 2013

فايز السعيد انت مين


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