Thursday, April 18, 2013

WATCH: Marwa Ben Sghaier-Je t'aime (studio)مروى بن صغير-

Marwa came from a relatively smaller Arab country, Tunisia and she took part of the Star Academy music reality show. She left with a huge impression as her romantic and dreamy voices truns even the toughest human being into butter. Her Arabic cover of Fayrous and other classics were dazzling to see the least. But her singing in French opened Pandora's box.

 While Marwa has huge following and the name recognition  she is still not a mainstream success  This is not her own fault, but I am award that she is still engaged in the music scene. Marwa is a fragile artist with delicate feelings, she is no business manager.

Check out her latest song in French, as she performs the song in studio. It makes me feel something--even thought I have little idea what her words are saying. I feel she is confessing how much she adores someone, am I right?

Marwa-Je t'aime (studio)مروى بن صغير-


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