Saturday, April 13, 2013

Listen: Best Arab Single From Tamer Ashour تامر عاشور - بنحبها يا قلبي

Not in a million year, I would have imagined the guy behind some of the most serious and mos dark pop songs would be the same guy to also bring a happy song. Tamer Ashour, for those who know him is a doctor of pain, he helps us manged and navigate through the world of pain induced be failed relationships. His level of maturity and the style of his melodies heal the soul and cure the heart.

But this is the time for him to do a happy song, Egypt needs a lovely catchy tune that gives them a break from all those troubling times. Tamer Ashour rose to the occasion and crafted one of his finest songs to date. Ever time I think Tamer has finally reached his highest point, only to be surprised a month or two later with new material. Material that makes the other previous stuff pale in comparison. So now you know I am a fan of this seasons and sure thing hit maker.

I am ready to call him one of the few Arab singers/composers that have a perfect understanding of two things. The first, his fans, he knows what they want. The second, he knows how to translate all his ideas into catchy songs. He does not need to go to another person to translate his ideas. Instead Tamer writes his own music and picks winners. Just look at his new romantic dance single released last week.

Tamer Ashour - Ben7ebaha ya Albi


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