Monday, April 8, 2013

Bassem Yousef Gets A Guilt-Trip Song On Hafez TV

A conservative Egyptian TV is taking the Freedom of Speech argument to ridicule the funny man of Egypt. Hafez TV has a song--or something pretty close to it about the satire. You do not hear music, but you hear lyrics with sharply worded words for Bassem Yousef. Also keep on mind, there are only male vocalist on this song.

They sort of put him to shame, picking on him is a fair game. They are shaming to him using religion. You get paid but you seem to forget that the big man upstairs will take issue with your lies, edits and jokes. Hafez TV is a popular network, and they have followers too, they seem not to appreciate the man and his style.

They do end the song on a call from him to join in rebuilding the country. This is a heavy song that will get some fans out there, I think it sounds a lot more sobering that some of the jokes that have been flaying around. I do not think using religion is an effective tool, I think there are so many facts that can make a far better argument.

One a serious note, Bassem Yousef was cleared of some charges and a court refused to shut down his popular show.

#قناة_الحافظ تهدى اغنية اتفرج يا سلام ل #باسم_يوسف #الحافظ @Hafeztv


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