Friday, April 12, 2013

Times Are Changing Saudi Arabia Is Making Movies Now

Dubai Film Festival saw the screening of a new Saudi film that has competed and won in Europe At the Venice Film Festival. A Saudi film with the title "Wajdah" is the talk of town now. The director has made shorts before but this is her first full feature that has been filmed entirely inside the Kingdom.

The director Haifa Al Mansour who wrote and directed the film--she has also acted in the past. This is a movie to celebrate and learn  from--you really cannot limit the human spirit. Saudi Arabia is a conservative society that has shun entertainment--especially the one where females appear. The Sundance Film Institute has supported the film and the director and helped them get into more festivals.

The movie has German producers, making it the first Khaliji--Gulf film brought by a cultural collaboration between Europe and the Gulf region.

"وجدة" فيلم سعودي في المحافل الدَّوليَّة


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