Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rest In Pease Salah Abdel Ghafour, Iraqi Legendary Singer And Intellectual

He sang in Arabic and Kurdish, this way he is very Iraqi. Not too many Iraqi singers have this kind of appeal, not only does both Arabic and Kurd love this talented and popular iconic singer, they have come to enjoy his singing in any language without regard to politics. His last album was recorded three years ago, and he has a number of unreleased tracks he has been working on. On his final days he spoke about the toxic mode in Arabia and the many tragedies that make it very hard to release new music.

Salah Abdel Ghafour is the folkloric Iraqi voice that gave Iraq one of its most hit songs that have come to define Iraqi music for decades, "Shlonak" This song of his is one of half a dozen songs the entire Iraqi nation knows like they know the back of their hands. He passed away in a tragic car accident in the Kurdish city of Erbil. One thing you need about him, even the Americans and other nationals have come to appreciate his music and his songs. Shlonak was later released in Turkey by a pop-folk singer ibrahim tatlises.

He has released 30 albums, he excelled in doing Iraqi styled songs as well as Folkloric dance songs. His first singing gig was when he was eight years old on the Iraqi TV and radio corporation he chose to perform songs of the mega Iraqi legend Nithem Al Ghazaly in 1961 "Rokin El Howa" Amateur Corner.

In 1973 he would join the national theater group and make his own path. In 1977 he want back to school to study music and composition where he learned to play the violin. He stayed in the music institute for six years perfecting his talent. He would become on of Iraq's finest voices for generations and would inspire droves of young Iraqis to make better music. He was the go to guy of Iraqi Maqam music 

To me, he was one of those artists who refused to objectify women and he spoke about it for a long time--he was very critical of sexualized music videos by many half baked Iraqi talents (for more about his opinions read here). He also released many sport songs for the national teams, and has sang for Palestine. A singer, an intellectual and patriot passes away in an accident, what's not an accident is his talent.

Shlonak - Salah Abdel Ghafour

صلاح عبد الغفور حلوة يالبغدادية.


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