Thursday, April 18, 2013

Listen: Mostafa Mezher Is Crying Romantic Man مصطفى مزهر - اشتقت لكل شي فيك

This song is not for me, but Roa loves it so very much. Mostafa has a great voice, and I think ti shows in each of his few songs. I am just not in the habit of enjoying grown men who like to cry for love. I might trying to be tougher than my real self. But this song will move your heart and get you to recall earlier memories.

It's hard to tell the nationality of the man behind the song, but not knowing much, he sounds like a Lebanese lover boy. But Jordanians have been doing similar style songs in the past two years. The young man who a million dollar smile delivers a romantic hit. Plus he has a great hair, so he might be getting the media love.

Keep on mind, he appeared on Star Academy 5th season. He is Lebanese who has grew up in the Saudi Kingdom and educated at the American University in Beirut.

Mostafa Mezher - Shta2et La Kel Shi Fik / مصطفى مزهر - اشتقت لكل شي فيك


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