Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Arab Justin Timberlake Strikes Again--Wissam Hilal

"Last Goodbye" is the title of a new single from the super-talented pop sensation Wissam Hilal. The song is already getting a music video with director Robert Cremona and the track has been picked by a number of radios nationally and internationally on some of LA radios that BT entertainment taking care of and African and African-American radios.

The music video for his song was filmed in Beirut, his debut hit "Single" was filmed in Dubai where the artists is based yet he is on the move. What I like about Wissam how he sounds jut line one of the Jackson Five without coming across as he is imitating anyone. This explains the interest in his songs in places beyond the Arab World--try Kenya. It's a tough market, but his good work comes through and hits the mark.

Wissam Hilal is a naturally good looking guy who comes across as a charming person, and that is reflected into his songs allowing him to be a lot more personal and communicate different messages to his fans. To be frank, you listen to one of his songs when you are in a certain mood, then when your mood changes you still find something fresh about the second take.

The latest is Last Goodbye is a little darker than the breakout song, this is a plea from a man who lost something but tries to convince himself that by trying a little bit harder he can have this thing back. This mindset makes better songs, gets the most complicated of emotions to the listener's core. The new single is different a lot wiser than the previous track from Wissam.

The bad news is that the music industry needs a shot in the arm, but with little help Wissam was able to release great songs. I cannot wait to see what kind of hits he will be able to share with the world once the music industry figures itself out.

For the time being, non-Arabs in Dubai and the Arabs who like English songs are slowly embracing this very talented Arab Justin Timberlake! Wissam has the moves, the looks and the music savvy to entertain a global audience 

As for the music video it should air internationally around May.

pilipili fm Exclusive Wissam hilal - Last goodbye 31st March 2013 وسام هلال

Wissam Hilal - Single (official music video) وسام هلال


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