Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listen: Yuri Mrkadai's Best Song In A Decade

I danced, I cheered and I got in the zone when I heard this song first. But this song keeps getting better the more I listen to it. Yuri is not 20 years old anymore and he does not care to make average pop songs that no one remembers. He makes contemporary classics rooted in poetry but also offering upbeat music.

He makes no secrets about his love and admiration for Arab women, always has. But his comeback singles more exciting lyrics and really impressive mixing. The way he reads poetry, sings then slows down to read more poetry only to go back into the singing mode perfect the song.

Mrkadai's songs are meant for gentlemen who want to get closer to women in the classic fashion. It's not a shame to be outsmarted by them--the song is about a fighter who has never lost a a battle until he has met her. She handed him his first defeat and he was proud of this defeat.

Yuri mrakadi - Ana Elmowaka3 Adnah يورى مرقدى - أنا الموقع أدناه


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