Friday, April 26, 2013

Mohammad Assaf Tonight On Arab Idol Brings The Sizzle محمد عساف يا طير الطاير

I am in Gaza right now and happy to report that the Palestinians in there are talking so much about the Arab Idol participant Mohamed Assaf, the folks love this young Palestinian artist who has a rare talent for performing real music live--the guy is a blast, his voice is a riot and even though he is young he has a unique way if making people happy. Tonight is the night he is supposed to make everyone fall in love with him. He has already secured the love of people watching the show...there are other talented people on the show. But Assaf is the whole package.

He is the old school and cool all at once.He is young, but he knows the stories and the songs of those people who came before us. He is smart, sharp, and energizing.  I would have said  he is ok. But to be frank he is a rock star whether or not he wins the title. He brings so much joy in the room. The young love his charm, and the older love his grace and his energy.

He has already had to defend his patriotism (wearing the scarf from Palestine and talking about the prisoners , his faith (reading the Koran and talking about prayer) and his art. He has survived it all. He is classy and we know it.

محمد عساف يا طير الطاير - Arab Idol


  1. Mohammed Assaf is the best to represent Palestine. His love to Palestine is pure and damn real. Assaf is the salvation to the Palestinians right now.

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