Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Listen: The Voice Of Samer Abu Taleb Lightened Up The Voice اغنية سامر ابو طالب - شئ ميخصنيش

Egyptian raising pop star Samer Abu Taleb has just been eliminated from The Voice, but he might be the only one on the show that I cared for. His confidence and skill make all the difference for me. I love his warm and versatile voice. He has a long range of styles and vocal strength that he has been blessed with. The two music video below will show you some of his finest songs.

He is also a young composer who have studied music. Singer and composer and poet, and music arranger. He came to the music business at first by representing Egypt in the of March art in the age of 8 years. A graduate of the Alkonsr Vetoar And moved him to Higher Institute of Music Aribh Traveled international festivals in Russia, Romania and China.

Prior to joining the show as a contestant, he has released an album, a full pop album with many surprising hits back in 2009. So I am hoping his time at The Voice was well spent and his career will see a revival soon. I was in love with this song of his in my engagement period. I see he has stepped up his game a bit and in a matter of two weeks, he has three new singles out.

Samer just released a new single to create the needed buzz for his upcoming album where he tries to relaunch his career after four years of virtual inactivity. The track show the sad boy trapped inside this mega super star waiting his turn.

اغنية سامر ابو طالب - شئ ميخصنيش - النسخة الاصلية 2013

سامر أبو طالب "غريبة الناس" ‏- #MBCTheVoice

سامر ابوطالب "امانة عليك" ‏- #MBCTheVoice


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