Monday, April 8, 2013

WATCH: Haifa Wehbe New Hot Music Video MJK \ هيفا وهبي ملكة جمال الكون ريمكس فيديو كليب 2013

Call her an old lady, but this older lady (compared to her peers) knows how to look fresh, rock the scene and get news stories out. She is the diva made for this age and her army of followers do the distance to make her number one each time. She give them her A game and they give her their hearts, tweets and likes.

MJK as filmed in a studio in New York days after she broke the news of her divorce. She moved beyond her divorce and now back to making waves being a single lady that has ruled the pop scenes and made few enemies. She is doing her thin on camera, wearing dazzling outfits and showing off her bud.

Hearing the song over and over again, time after time, I find it never grows over-familiar. It plays like a favorite album; the more I know it, the more I like it. Haifa has that kind of appeal, while she is grownup her fan base has the young and the old, the energized and the tried. She offers something interesting for everyone and she has done so for the past decade.

She does not age she just looks good. Astounding makeup, captivating shoots and not a dull moment. They have done wonders to use some affects with colors and motion caption techniques. I think the mirror dress is something new. I like how comfortable Haifa with the camera bring up in her face.

Haifa Wehbe - MJK (Heartbeats Remix) By Lenz Garcia & Noor Q هيفاء وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون


  1. She is just 36 years old,,,is this called old age? Sick peopleWhen will you all stop jealousy over her?..ha...
    Go young lady kick their a""" more and more
    You are so damn beutiful...

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  3. You call her old ????? you'r an idiot.