Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Is Not Lady Gaga, But You Should Know Who She Is Anyway

Her album is forthcoming, and I really like the album cover, it's so classy and so like anything Arab pop album cover we have seen. This is Maya Nehme everyone and she is one of those super talented Lebanese songstresses. But unlike her peers, she has another career next to music, she runs a popular dance studio and her dances are always something to watch for. She is also a song-writer with some accomplishments.

The new album will come in two editions, the standard one and has the 16 tracks with some never before heard material and singles we have seen and heard before. The Deluxe Edition where we get an extra DVD with all of her work on video with some pictures. Her skillful husband Walid Al Massih knows his wayy around records, and music production, so he is always in a supportive role.

She has a number of hits, her biggest to date song is "Habiby"
Maya Ne'ma - Habiby / مايا نعمة - حبيبي


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