Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bollywood Mega Star Shahrukh Khan Meets His Arab Fans

Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan visited Dubai one more time for the film festival this time. He does own a house in that city where thousands of Indians live and work. He is India's leading bankable star whose name is as good in America and it's at home. He dances, he romances and when needed he blows stuff up.

At his press conference he spoke about arrogance of love. Dubai celebrated Indian cinema for a 100 year of magic, for that event dozens of filmmakers and starts from India showered the city with their love. He is a Muslim whose wife is Hindu and somehow they find a way to raise their children with love and respect for both faiths. He makes more movies than other mega star anywhere in the world. I would say he shoots at least four films a year or so it seems.

"I love Shahrukh Khan from the bottom of my heart," said the Dubai socialite Meena Ramchandani. "My friend called me and said she had a spare ticket so I rushed here in 15 minutes.
"I wanted to get a blow-dry but I thought forget it. I just have to get here and see him."

Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/shahrukh-khan-captivates-fans-in-dubai#ixzz2GSpt0h5R
Dressed casually in jeans, trainers and a black jacket, and with his hair swept back in a ponytail, Khan was in town to promote his coming action thriller Don 2, which is set for release on December 23.
His last visit was with his costars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma on November 13 for the world premiere of his romance directed by Yash Chopra.

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