Friday, April 12, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Massar Egbari New Album البوم فريق مسار اجبارى - اقرا الخبر

Aside from making perhaps the coolest and most artsy and meaning rich album cover, Indie band Massar Egbari makes delightful music, and their new album "Eqra El Khaber" or "Read This News" shows the band has morphed into something huge. Not to mention how the band also has one of the catchiest names MASSAR EGBARI means “Compulsory Detour”, which resembles the society we live in today. They specifically chose this title as it explains how we are expected, or rather, dictated to behave and dress in certain manners. Both, in title and in spirit, the band pokes fun at typical social norms and trends, which is clearly reflected in their music and chosen lyrics.

In 2007 the band made its international debut and has traveled the Arab world (and Turkey) taking their music into new lands. I have come to appreciate their balance in finding good lyrics, and fresh sounding music--while they sound a bit more Western than Egyptian, their stories will always be told in Egypt for some time to come.

It seems that their music constantly gets better, the more live shows they book. They really inject a lot of excitement in the indie music scene  and by the way other than ticket sales and record, they have not gone commercial like doing soda and hair gel ads. This allows them to concentrate on their music, and perfecting their craft. I have also loved how they keep away form politics, yet kept up their connection with the people and their woes.

You get a little funk, a little jazz, some rock and a hell of a ride the minds of the band members have created. I appreciate the variety in vocalists the band features. Unlike many other indie bands in Egypt, MASSAR EGBARI has more than on vocalist who can hook listeners. I love the songs I listened to so far, El-Mroor if funky. The title song plays like a lounge music yet its lyrics are very dark about unemployment. This album is a successful attempt to declare the band's inception into the mainstream.

1 - Mat5afeesh
2 - Al-leal
3 - El-Mroor
4 - Hawei
5 - Adef
6 - Sheta
7 - Egbari El-Msaar
8 - Ana Mawgoud
9 - Eqra2 El 5abar
10 - Adef " Remix "

مسار اجباري - المرور / Massar Egbari - Traffic

مسار إجباري | أنا هويت - من مهرجان زروني كل سنة مرة

مسار إجباري حاجة | ختام منتدى حوارات المصرية


  1. The videos sound great, but where is the download link?