Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Rola Saad Sabah Tribute Song رولا سعد في كليب ساعات ساعات

Sabah has moved mountains to entertain the masses across the Arab world. This time Sabah gets a tribute song done by one of her young friends and protegee Rola Saad. A classy cover for a classy song about a women who feels lonely or abandoned.

I did not think this is the best cover for the song, but I know one thing Rola is loyal to Sabah and her legacy. A walk on the beach is all what the Lebanese golden girl wanted to do. I love the mixing of the Rola Saad footage with that of Sabah from the original song.  

The song closes with Rola Saad sitting along on empty theater house watching a Sabah picture, and then a quote about the life of the living legend Sabah. I think the song will bring some joy unto the lives of those fans. As for Rola, I think the song could have been a little better production. But the low production value make you think you are hearing the original recording.

My general  rule is don't mess with the classics, you may get burned in the face by the purists and the loyalists. Unless you know you can add something, do not even think about it.

رولا سعد في كليب ساعات ساعات


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