Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WATCH: Sijal Hachem SExed Up - Khalas / سجال هاشم - خلص

50 Shades of Grey might be the talk of town in America  but Sijal and his sexy lady copes are the talk of those fitly boys. Women in short uniforms with authority turn some people on and he did all that in Lebanon in a music video about the battle of the sexes.

Got no idea what's the message of this random music video, but the dudes are taking it seriously as those oversexified police women take a stand. Models dancing on cars is nothing new...but I do like the line about her grandfather traveling via jackasses not fancy rides.

But it gets worse and never gets better. This is a dance song about a guy who goes bankrupt because he gets his woman all she wants. I have never seen cops stripping, in real life.I weep for the sext interrogator portion, it makes it look fun. No woman would find anything of value in this very stereotypical music video where women are the entertainment.

Sijal Hachem - Khalas / سجال هاشم - خلص


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