Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Cute Song By The Sandy About Her Boy Toy

Sandy knows why she is popular, the way she dresses and the way she sells her ditsy image. From the get go, Sandy went for the people who like sexy, she gave them that. Her songs are fun pop songs no classics. She does have a natural limit and she seems to stick to it.

But when it comes to dressing and being bold Sandy has always pushed the envelop. But she is also smart, she toned it down the moment the Arab Spring arrived. She still shows some skin, but no playboy fantasies. She has never shied away form the competition, she took on the older pop divas and challenged them. Sandy has also entered the Lebanese pop domain where the image is as important as the performance.

Her album was released in the summer, and it has few good songs--simple songs with a catchy tune. but one of the underrated songs on the album is the one below. Sand has now been doing pop albums since late 2007 and she has consistently gotten better. She has transformed herself from a one note-one style wonder into more serious songs.

In the song below Sandy shared her trouble with the boy she is sing, she cannot seem to keep up his word

Sandy - Malosh Kilma / ساندي - مالوش كلمة


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