Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WATCH: Carole Samah "Ehsas" Official Music Video كليب كارول سماحة - احساس | جديد 2013

With her gigantic googly eyes, Lebanese super diva is judging you. The scene starts with a guy who is a cheater--note the difference between a cheater and a player. Filmed in Paris, telling a romantic story about those who are in love but the other person is not being upfront about his past. This music video is about breakups and heartache. But aside form that, I do not think Thierry Vergnes added much to the music video. It feels average.

This is a romantic story when it took a wrong turn. When you cheat, do not comeback for a do-over, Carole won't let you easily off the hook. Some people move on and others get stuck in the past, with nothing good going their way emotionally. The song came on her album released on March 13 with 13 tracks, this was the number one hit song and it did deliver the heat. Its composer's name does not sound Arab, he might be Turkish.

This is the curtain call when you want to turn the page once you have had your closure. Salime Assaf wrote the lyrics and showed once again he is the most sensitive lyricist who has show he really get women. The song is not about roses and sunshine, but dark moments. I like some of the affects the director have used.  There are so many tears.

According to this site, the clip was removed by Rotana several minutes after its release. This might be a publicity stunt to get more media stories. According thing according to this Tweeter guy, comes the following image:

Carole Samaha Ehssas HD VC / كارول سماحة - إحساس


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