Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bertha Abi Rashed Making Pop Songs For The Fun Of It

The hungry good looking people of Lebanon need to make a living and their favorite route out of poverty and average life is becoming famous. Middle class life is fine for those who like normalcy  but when you are an attractive young women in Lebanon, you are inclined to dabble into pop music, modeling or hosting your very own show on some channel paid for by the rich dirty old men of the Gulf.

As I am writing this, I am thinking one of those voices that meets this category is Bertha Abi Rashed! Young and attractive, voice wise she can carry a pop note. The sound engineers have had fewer more complicated challenges than Bertha. Bertha opened up her song in the very Lebanese tradition of doing a Mawal strong singing without music.

As for the name is interesting --Bertha is an old school name--American and British grannies perhaps. The second part of the name Abi Rashed is kind of cool in Arabic and shows some authenticity. It seems that Bertha got the pop persona out of her system as she has not given many interviews nor has she done any other songs.

Bertha Abi Rashed - Ma Beykfiny Atlak / بيرثا أبي راشد - ما بيكفيني قتلك


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