Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Digging This Algerian Yasmine Song ياسمين - خدني وروح

I have no idea who this songstress, but I know she has it, whatever it is. I am liking this beat and her vocals to this freshly upbeat rack. You get your dance music, the dreamy tone and I am good to go, the song comes in the beloved and romantic Lebanese dialect.

She is Algerian,  a student of business who loved to sing and was influenced her her uncle who is a famous Algerian singer in France. She released her debut song in 2011, and it's the song below. I call is a fun song with the word catchy written all over it. I like the Spanish bulls sequence.

She had Randa Qideeh the well known Lebanese director shot her music video. Also to cement her skill,s Yasmine has gone to school to study music. I say give me more please. I like this song and people seem to have nothing but nice things to say about this single.

Yasmine - Khodny W Rooh / ياسمين - خدني وروح


  1. I'm crying for the poor tormented bull not the coward in the ring w him. this video is completely tasteless