Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Hallani Family Business Is My Business

For a guy whose wife and his daughter have no Arabic names, it's pretty gutsy for him to claim he is some Arab knight. And his own daughter sings in English and talks about her Canadian citizenship. Might as well be a non Arab people. But wait, I doubt she speaks a sentence without dropping a French or English words in the midst.

And I am sure she did not go to an Arabic school. But enough about Assi Hallani and his family. I like real people who tell it as it is. It might speak more about Lebanon and its Beirut district. I get this Assi has a strong career, but why does his daughter have to be an accomplished songstress? Are the parents pushing her?

I think she can have fun doing those acts in here and there, but does the family need any more money? Or any more fame? I do not hate or envy success  I just do not take kindly on those who claim to be one thing and live and act in a different manner at home.

WHAT'S UP لقاء مع كوليت الحلاني و أبنتها ماريتا عن عيد الأم


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