Monday, April 1, 2013

WATCH: Tamer Hosny FT Akon - Welcome to the Life ( Behind the scenes)

Tamer Hosny might be doing American pop a huge favor, he is stimulating the economy by his big spending as he pays top names to collaborate with him. The latest star to charge Tamer Hosny a fee is American rapper Akon (by the way of Senegal) Tamer went to Akon's home and studio and we have the footage from the behind the scenes.

I think there is a new Tamer is town and he means serious business. I do not think he will ever become a global icon, not for his lack of trying, but he is already big in the Arab world. He has already singed with top companies who want to sell their stuff to Arabs. So his new duet with Akon might not do that much, other than adding to his resume.

I like Akon and think he is a smart business guy. Watch the two work together on the song as Akon tries to pick few words and they are working on a music video too. There are simply too many douche bags in this video who think they are all that  important.

I think this would be a fun project, I would ask Tamer, take it easy, save your money and go back to Nasr Mahrous--he knows how to bring the best in you and how to put you in a hit.

Tamer Hosny FT Akon - Welcome to the Life ( Behind the scenes)


  1. I wonder how much Akon is charging Tamer Hosny to collaborate in a duet. What a shame that Tamer pays money for stardom. What a waste of money....