Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hady Aswad Comes With Surprises اغنية هادى اسود - حبك مات - جديد 2012

As a person who comes from Palestine, I have grew up appreciating the Bedouin dialect--sometimes it's called the white dialect. Its' the mother dialect where Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian come from. This might explain why I have enjoyed the new single by Hady Aswad.

Hady was the students who appeared on Star Academy first season--he was turned down. He mhad better luck in the second season in Amman Jordan. Like most, he has enjoyed music since he was a little boy--me too! He hails from Damascus, but moves to Lebanon to refine his music education.

He trained with the star Academy coaches and made few friendships along the way. He was dubbed as the singer with surprises, he came third in that competition. He does romantic and warm songs, but his latest single offer a lot more passion and dance music than he had done in the past.


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