Thursday, April 11, 2013

In The Aftermath Of Muslim-Copts Clashes Comes A Unity Song # Egypt

Songs are not enough to protect Christians in Egypt as sectarian violence shows its ugly face again in Egypt. It is not the first time and will not be the last unless the president and government take serious measures to prevent it

The last few days have witnessed clashes and sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims. These clashes have killed eight people, most of them Christians, and scores have been injured. Birdshot, petrol bombs and stones were used in these incidents. The two incidents in Khosous, Qalioubiya, north of Cairo, and the subsequent clashes at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, highlight the plight of Copts in Egypt after the fall of the Mubarak regime.

It should be noted that Copts suffered discrimination during the Mubarak era as well. No one is happy about this, I am not sure who is waging those clashes and massacres--they are a minority that knows how to make a small situation much bigger. It's a sad day, but Egypt son of the South Aly Hussain has a new and short song about the situation calling for unity under the Egyptian banner--we are one people and the Nile belongs to both of us.

I wish those things do not happen and wish people weren't tribal and prone to emotional outbursts. But it takes time, what it should not take is many lives.

Aly Hussain Nheb Baad نحب بعض على حسين


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