Friday, April 12, 2013

The Muslim Entertainer Mohamed Abbas Is Egypt's New Face Of Indie Music فك الكلابش - محمد عباس

A name one needs to know is the indie artist from Egypt Mohmed Abbas, he is indie because he is that young voice who speaks about social injustice without being angry, jaded or political. And if this is not a delight, he has great music and a very intimate style that we have not heard in Egypt in a really long time. This is a breath of fresh air because Abbas is a popular Muslims Munshid that means he does hymns like songs with religious tone. Those have been popular as more and more networks are dedicated to such material. I welcome him to the ring.

His style is similar to that of Sheikh Imam and Sayed Darwish, while he is brand new, his fans are there each time he performs--he has an upcoming concert in a mall. I am a fan of his voice expresses a great deal of sadness underneath his lines--it's like a not very angry volcano.

The sitting of his music video is the well known Egyptian cafes where people go to tell stories and relax. A charming music video for a wonderful song that needed to be sang. Mohamed is a cool dude in my book. He tells the stories of the people who work hard to get by, there are far too many beautiful tales that needed to be told.

Release me from you handcuff, aka unshackle me is the title of this song from the new comer Abbas. I like the feel good the song brings, it talks about many topics in a poetic style.

Fok El Kalabsh - Mohmed Abbas فك الكلابش - محمد عباس


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